27 Jul 2022 bright network

Employer brand site for Bright Network

EVP for Bright Network

  • UX and UI design
  • Drupal CMS
  • HTML, CSS, JS and PHP build
  • Greenhouse integration


Bright Network were expanding rapidly and needed to ensure they were attracting the best talent to their business, in a competitive market.

Image of some website scrrenshots

THE solution

We designed and built a microsite specifically aimed at potential applicants, showcasing the fantastic culture, benefits and opportunities of working at Bright Network.

The site is built in a modular way, with dynamic image manipulation and next-gen image formats to facilitate speedy content creation, with the backend handling tasks like image resizing and formatting automatically. The site integrates with the Greenhouse job board, so that applicants can see live opportunities in realtime and apply through the platform.

See it for yourself →