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Maturity assessment – B2B lead generation tool

Legal sector tech firm Apperio wanted to generate more leads for their sales team, so that more companies could benefit from their service.


  • HTML development
  • CSS development
  • JS development
  • CRM integration (Marketo)

Exemplify built an online maturity assessment, which lets potential clients answer a series of questions, to see where their company is on their journey to industry best practice, and see advice on how to improve. In return for their results and recommendations, their contact details are collected, and fed directly into Marketo so a member of the sales team at Apperio could follow up with the customer afterwards.

The results

We completed the build in just over a week including testing, and the campaign beat all lead generation targets.

What the client said

“We briefed Exemplify to build a maturity calculator, backed by an online advertising campaign aimed at potential clients in the Legal sector. Exemplify completed the build in just over a week, and we’re delighted with the result! The campaign went really well and met all lead targets. Thank you!”

Maria Monks, VP of Marketing, Apperio